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earlybirds. - Piano Music (
When we started writing these songs my (Capaciti) thought was this "If I never rap again or die tomorrow I want these songs to teach my children different things they will need to know for life" 
Not every song follows that motto, but close. During the writing of this album my Dad went to the hospital. This life event inspired some deeper songs that needed to be made. 
Also we scattered some fun jams through out the album to show that everything isn't always crazy and its cool to take a break, be funny and have a BBQ to forget about your worries. 

Be nice to others. You never know when your act of kindness will change another persons life. 

This album was written and recorded between 2016-2018.


released May 13, 2018 

All songs written by Capaciti and Jaron McDaniel where noted and *except guests. 
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jaron McDaniel @West End Productions *except guests 
Original Drawing: Olivia Cupryna 
Digital Art by Robb Swanlund