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Rye Shabby - Die Shabby | In the Balance Records (PreOrder) (
It is only through recognising our flaws that we come to change them. Sometimes we crave what is bad for us, we are always looking for the balance between what makes us feel good and what is good for us, at times these can be the same and at times not. Dark and light can only exist because of each other, it is in our darker moments where we can find our greatest inspiration and strength. 

Die Shabby is the sound of a man meeting his demons head on then going on a two week bender with them, Die shabby is the musical documentation of an artist shedding his skin and preparing to embark on a new chapter, this journey is at times ugly at times beautiful but always enthralling and it sounds fucking sick in album form, hear it for yourself.


releases May 25, 2018 

Tracks 1,2,3,4,10 and 11 produced by Verb T 
Tracks 5 and 6 produced by Forrest Moon 
Track 7 produced by Muckaniks 
Track 8 produced by Morriarchi 
Track 9 produced by Taube 

All tracks written and performed by Rye Shabby 
additional writing and vocals on tracks 3 and 10 by Verb T