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Prophet - Wanna Be Your Man (
Prophet is an underground funk musician from the San Francisco Bay Area, who, until this year, had only put his name to one record: an obscure private-press LP called Right On Time (1984, Treasure Records). Full of mind-blowing leftfield boogie, it now has a dedicated cult following and can be found changing hands for hundreds of dollars online. 

Now Prophet is making a return. His new album Wanna Be Your Man, is produced by Mndsgn, and sounds simultaneously like retro hits and the music of the future. 

Prophet is the first to point out that his journey has been longer than most artists. After Right On Time, he says, “Nobody really gave me a shot. Imagine if someone came up to you and said: ‘It’s not going to break for you for another 30 years.’ I had to stay focused and stay on the path.” 

But there were some fans who kept the flame of that first album alive. Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf came across Right On Time at San Francisco’s Groove Merchant in the early 2000s and was instantly intrigued. “It was just the kind of music I grew up on, with Prince and The Time vibes, but a rare, lo-fi bedroom version,” he remembers. “Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily...  more


released May 11, 2018