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Gillateen aka Gillatron - Gillatron - Produced By Kyo Itachi (

This album has no MC features. Just one DJ, One Producer, and one MC. Salute to real hip hop heads all over the world rocking to this.


releases April 17, 2018 

Thank You Kyo Itachi for producing this entire project, and Eric at Mo Boom Studio for mixing and mastering this project. Thank You everyone who supports what I do. I do this for us 100%. RIP all my fallen friends, family, and everyone who has left us early. A big up to my brother Rec Ali for driving me/ us forward! Thank you C-rayz Walz for winging me early, and opening many doors for me along the way! Peace DJ Goadman for always holding it down! Its a blessing! Suncycle360 is the light source #suncyclemichael #godbless #peacekings