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Canna Man & Dark Matter - The Art Of Invisibility | Camarilla Records (
"Hardcore lyrics meets raw hip hop beats" 

After the 2015 Ep "Industry Insurgents", Dark Matter aka Vibranium Man (Joseph Agami) and Canna Man are now finally ready to unveal the full-length follow-up album "The Art Of Invisibility", released on vinyl through their record company Camarilla Records. 

Canna Man & Dark Matter have both been involved in the hip hop culture for more than a decade, Dark Matter since 1989 as part of the Agami rap clan (which includes Al and Kuku Agami) and Canna Man since 1996, in part different constellations, but most notably as part of the former Army Of Darkness, which also was the group that brought him and Dark Matter together. 

Both artists are known for an intense and uncompromising rap expression mixed with a sharp criticism of the music industry and the current socio-economic order of society. All this is spiced up with battle rap attitude and street philosophy. 

The album is mastered by Femmar and has features from HAY ONE, YoMeansNo, Young Gun, Son of Sun and Cobra Commander. The cover of the record is designed and illustrated by the artist FOFW (Friends of Foul Weather)


released September 11, 2017