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Soulution - Sun Fragments vol.2 (Instrumental) (
My second cassette beattape in a serie of tapes. I'm working on a new producer album feat Reks, Edo G, LMNO & more. I wanted to perfect my sound and experiment on ways of making beats. Sample, no samples and play everything live or something in between. That's how Sun Fragments vol.2 came to life. 

I found it pleasing to make this album because I was not waiting on anyone else. I had it all in my own two hands (by the grace of God of course). That's why I keep busy with these tapes. There will be more to follow soon. 

I've mixed, mastered and did the design on the artwork myself. 

I found love again for cassette tapes, and enjoy seeing this media making a comeback. From a fan to other fans, Sun Fragments vol.2. I pray that you feel a little sunlight through this music.


released April 12, 2018