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CompreHend - Current State of Affairs E.P | (
“Current State of Affairs” E.P (released 31.08.2017) is CompreHend’s second studio E.P after the successful release of “Stockholm Syndrome” in 2016. Current State of Affairs details the present day angst within CompreHend including topics such as current relationships, discussing feelings of nostalgia and highlighting some bitter truths in society. Current State of Affairs was recorded at HQ Studios in Leicester and was mix and mastered by Zak Bernstein. The E.P has already seen “Tough Love” played on BBC Radio Leicester, Derby and Nottingham with host Dean Jackson complimenting CompreHend’s “Crisp and silky smooth delivery”. Current State of Affairs was released on all major digital distribution sites on the 31/08/2017.


released August 31, 2017