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Dillon & Batsauce - On Their Way | FULL PLATE (PreOrder) (
Wherever it is that they’re going, longtime friends and collaborators, Dillon & Batsauce have been ‘on their way’ for quite some time...but their debut full length of the same name has finally arrived. Years in the making, On Their Way is the culmination of beatmaker Batsauce’s globetrotting and rapper/chef Dillon’s willingness to run around the world with him and his wife like a squeaky third wheel. 

The story starts in their hometown of Jacksonville, FL where Dillon & Batsauce met in the early 2000’s. Perhaps it was their slight resemblance to each other - or maybe their mutual respect for hot sauce, tacos & Thai food, but the two instantly hit it off and soon began writing and recording - and eating. After releasing a handful of EPs and singles, they set to work on a full length - which would be perpetually derailed over the next few years as Batsauce & his wife, Lady Daisey unexpectedly moved to Berlin and set up shop. When it became clear that they weren’t coming back, Dillon realized he would have to travel to them, thus the On Their Way sessions began. 

Over the next few years Dillon would make an annual pilgrimage to Bat’s new lab in Berlin to work on their record, rock stages, and feast on exotic foods. Dillon would repay the favor by hosting Batsauce & Daisey in his Atlanta studio, where the duo would...  more


releases April 13, 2018 

Raps & Cuts: Dillon 
Beats: Batsauce 

Additional Vocals (In Order of Appearance): Lady Daisey, Qwazaar, Count Bass D, Paten Locke, Sadat X, Greg Nice, Supa Dave West & Willie Evans Jr. 

Recorded & Mixed By: Dillon & Batsauce in Atlanta, GA & Berlin, Germany. 
Mastered By: Marc Lawrence for Walkup Studios 

Photography: Daisey Traynham 
Artwork & Layout: Kenski 

FP010 - FULL PLATE - All Rights Reserved, 2018.