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VA: Brain Connection - Translating The Zone | Brain Connection 1978 (Instrumental) (
Brain Connection 1978 returns in 2018 for another quality release. 

For this project (Instrumentals) Brain Connection gathers a supreme producer/beatmaker staff featuring Dusty of Jazz Liberatorz, Mr Hone, Hugo LX, Dagui, Cris Prolific, Kyo Itachi, Odweeyne, Onra, Yann Kesz, AAyhasis, Walter Mecca, Venom, Parental, Mani Deïz, Astronote, Art Patterns, Dela, Azaia.


released March 7, 2018 

Artwork by Jilva The Maker 

Mastered by Astronote 

Executive Producer : Azaia 

©2018 Brain Connection1978