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Jungle Brown - Wicked (
from the album Full Circle
Stemming from their Hip-hop roots they have spent the last two years meticulously redefining soulful hip-hop, the sound is bigger, more thought provoking and importantly enough more soulful. But that’s just the beginning, they have entered realms and territories fans may have not heard from the trio, as they glide effortlessly over various different sounds including trap beats and house beats all produced by Tony Bones. The trio have made headway to redefine what it means to do rap. The project is an eclectic array of their influences over the years, mish mashed and churned out as a ground breaking project for U.K. Music.


released March 9, 2018 

Written and Performed by Ric Flo, MAEAR and Tony Bones of Jungle Brown except 

Ayo The Yung Afrika Pyoneer, - Saxophone on Digi and Custom Made
Krysis Mikhaal - Vocals on Anticapation 
Amira - Additional vocals on Custom Made 
Ruby - Additional vocals on Sometimes 
Boogaloo Dee - Bass on Time Ticks, Ikoja and Custom Made 
Rio - Backing vocals on Time Ticks and Anticaption 
Magic Tim - Bass on Get High skit 

Recorded at Jungle Brown Studios 

All Tracks produced and mixed by Tonybones 
4. co-produced by Dlux, 11. co-produced by Karima 

Special Thanks to Dean Hewins & Craig Evans - One Word Management 

Design and Art Direction by Diaghe 
Photography by Toyin