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Prop Dylan – Life Mission ft. Promoe [Music Video] (Prod. Logophobia) (
”Life Mission” is the second single from Prop Dylans forthcoming album To Whom It May Concern to be released during the spring of 2018. The song features Promoe from Looptroop Rockers.


Filmed & Edited by Kristoffer Davidsson


Written & Performed by Prop Dylan & Promoe
Produced & Mixed by Logophobia


Prop Verse 1:

Now ever since the age of nineteen/
I’ve studied rhyme schemes, to keep my mind alert/
My line of work took me far beyond my wild dreams/
And it seems I’m time and time again, sitting behind the scenes/
Waiting to blow like bad lit firework/
It’s magic my life interpretation a constant search/
But worth the waiting when you’ve got determination/
From creating words on paper and take it down the basement/
And later on enter the stage to see the crowd awaken/
Now life it was you make it and we wonder what the fuck it means/
To fall asleep from reality - wake up from dreams/
It aint much it seems, but I’m thumping on the drum machine/
To double up the green for the team/  
I’m just a dreamer I’m sitting on the dock puffing mad Cohiba/
Deep in thought drifting where the grass is greener/
To plant a seed there to bloom to make the tables turn/
In laymen ters this goes out to whom it may concern/


[On this life mission] I have to keep improving/
Cuz when things fall apart Yo I gotta keep it moving/  
[On this life mission] Someday the tables will turn/
For the better and I’m speaking just to whom it may concern/
[On this life mission] My mind body as soul/
Gotta grow even though the climate is cold/
[On this life mission] I get it off my chest/
And do my best to not stress cuz/

Verse 2 Promoe:

Man I wish that I could tell you that I had it all planned out/
My life like a game of chess but I can’t lie/
I’ve been playing it by ears since my younger years/
That time you couldn’t tell me nothing so I couldn’t hear/
Nothing but the music I was slipping oblivious to my life mission/
Still ended up on this path and I don’t think its been a coincidence/
How my flow been since then, off and on it’s even in my writing/
Often gone you see me then I’m outy/
Another airport, a show to get prepared for/
To reach another soul I think that’s why I’m here for/
Only thing certain in this life is death/
I try never to deny it and not get upset/
Give thanks to everything that is keeping me blessed/
Cuz in this life listen you never know what’s next/

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