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Teknical Development.IS - Sinister (Underachievers) (Produced by Bad FX) (UK) (
Sinister (Underachievers)The 8: Vol. Four (prod. by Bad FX) - Release date: 16 February 2018
Vinyl, CD & Digital -
4 of 8 ep's written by Teknical Development .IS
All songs on volume Four are produced by Bad FX
Artwork by Bionic.
EP Credits:
Written by Teknical Development .IS
Produced by Bad FX
Mastered byBad FX
Cuts on "Arc" by DJ Maintain
Artwork by Bioniq 
Manufactured and Distributed by Dezi-Belle Records / 2018
Limited to 100 Vinyls!
LyricsFly times under the wings of nothing perfect/ 
The clouds blind the sight, do you trust your senses?/ 
Cold days of your frozen steps/ 
The storm of the sun burn your path to dust/ 
No more rush in the heart beat, whats life?/ 
Standing of Earth unseen poetry marks the page in red ink/ 
Whats the meaning? Fuck coincidence/ 
Flip the coin in the chance, no choice to walk broke/ 
Whats the words worth? Live shows?/ 
Promoter lives when the one give their life on the lines dies/ 
Closed doors, closed coffins, tears spill on black garments/ 
Let know priest speak at the end of this game of life/ 
The mind speaks as the physical writes/ 
No yes in the want to undress the situation of whats next/ 
Tek D is what the fuck I choose/ 
Flip the whore raw, midnight marauders/ 
Classic tales of the underachievers/ 
Morality hung by the choice of the back door/ 
Who will pick the locks of the window?/ 
Silent assassins but watch for the nemesis/ 
Learn Teach in the figment of a dream/ 
Bless progression sleep today rise tomorrow/ 
On the grid of life, who plays fair?/ 
Forever lost in the stares, quiet breaths of the questions/ 
No answers in the weight of the force/ 
Dying days left the weak side reign/ 
Strong with no belief understand the moment/ 
Drum the overcast, lean sideways in a mixture so toxic/ 
No chases exist in the smoke/ 
Conversations whilst the word spills/ 
The sound and the verse continue to play on/ 
Repeat in the moment if needed/
From The 8 Vol​​.​​Four (prod by. Bad FX), releases February 16, 2018 
Written and performed by Teknical Development .IS 
Produced by Bad FX