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Dj DisArm - Hoop Dreams (Instrumental) (PreOrder) (
Hoop Dreams is Dj DisArm's Debut Instrumental project, his sound is heavily Influenced by producers such as The Alchemist, Jake One, Marco Polo, Thes One, J. Dilla and Nottz. His unique arrangement and wide array of Funk, Jazz and International sample use makes for a truly one of a kind sound.


releases February 16, 2018 

First off I’d like to start by thanking my family for allowing me to pursue anything I want in life, and have their full support doing so. Now I’d like to start by Thanking John-Henry • Alex Santos • Andy (Record Jungle) • Tenacity• JDankworth • R-Mean • Nicholas (PWWO) • Manny Mxxnshine • Illajide • 14KT • DigginDaily • Shonuff • Dj Handprints • Original Copy • OPS • Rawz • Limegreen • Busr1der • Logicbombs (Robert) And everyone else I’ve built with in the past. Shouts out to House Shoes for all his words of encouragement and support throughout this growing process also a special Thanks to my mentor One Be Lo for always inspiring and believing in small town kid with a huge passion for hip-hop, much love. 

Artwork by: Dj Disarm, Cale, Motavate 
Mixed by: John-Henry 
Mastered by: Scott "Tenacity" Martin