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Makkanj, Frey, DNS, Arthy Lapace, Fred, Bams, Nello - Looking 4 Africa | Frey/Deef Koow (
DEEF KOOW is an international collective (essentially franco - Senegalese) 
made up of musicians, producers and singers, which has the peculiarity to combine several artists of multiple musical horizons. Indeed, it draws its influences from the rap, the reggae, the rock, the pop or still the electronic music and does not hesitate to cross its influences with rhythmic and traditional melodies (Senegalese). 

These differences constitute the real wealth of the collective before any established around the meeting. Meeting enters a Senegalese group " Makkan J " native of Fass Mbao in the outskirts of Dakar and of numerous French artists for the greater part native of Toulouse, wanting to unite to live and share their music, without borders nor barriers. 

The name " DEEF KOOW " which means " Make! " In illustrious Wolof thus good the spirit of this collective. 

In June will bring out the first single of the collective, " Teuss teuss " who will invite you to share too the adventure! 

Remain connected! DEEF KOOW, that begins now! 

DEEF KOOW est un collectif international (essentiellement franco-sénégalais) composé de musiciens, de producteurs...  more


released January 30, 2018