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snares - Just The Three Of Us (Instrumental) (
You can see wonders everywhere if you open your eyes, every single breath, every tree, every car, every meadow, every split of a second. And often the smallest things surprise as the greatest wonders. 
"Just The Three Of Us" is a story about young parents. From their aknowledgement of the little human they will be caring for and the "heaven strings" that are played for them in this moment, up to the female status of a "Dickbauch" (which would be translated into big belly). 
Then get into the "Drive" this big responsibillity can bring you too. You have to care about "security" and think about the things "to come". You can imagine a lot of feelings into this instrumental record, or just close your eyes and enjoy this lovely created tracks.


released January 12, 2018 

Vinyl edition is available at