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AnyWay Tha God X Micall Parknsun - I'm More! (
Firstly I would like to give thanks and praises to The Most High Allah whom all praises are due forever for blessing me with the gifts and ability bestowed onto me and making all things possible.As a fan and lover of music and someone enjoys making and creating music this is my contribution and tribute to the world encouraging a positive and solution orientated start into digging deep in ourselves to bring about the best for ourselves out of ourselves.The title Over P's meaning Over problems and Over money (not just) being majority of our problems are caught up and tied in financial struggles and many levels this project is to help enrich the spirit and root us in our source as I believe we are all able to solve our own problems and any problems, I believe thats what we are here and born to do. Internally be it as individuals, in our families, communities or externally in our careers, the work place and in the world. I only wish to encourage the good and inspire and ignite our leader within. As a father I wish to encourage better environments presently for tomorrow.Big love respect and thanks to Micall Parknsun on beats and for the guest verses from Dani Bliss (LGN), JokerStarr, Moralistik and again Micall Parknsun. Aiding the push toward self value and self worth, making the most of what we've all been blessed with while working and regaining my own self worth and confidence.This EP I've been progressively working on for a while, whilst going through trials and tribulations, remembering why I do this in the first place. This EP is a testament and reminder.Big Up my cuzo RoadNERD designs for the Artwork Super Talented individual big thank you to you bro materializing whats in my head visually off first draft I thank Allah for you.Big thanks to everyone involved who encourage. My brother Josh Cyrus for helping and teaching me to mix and master my own tracks, forever grateful and can't thank you enough lord, also my brothers Lefty and Shox for help in mixing. My brother JokerStarr for encouraging me and being an example as someone who does this! My Family support my mother and siblings, my father, the beautiful mothers of my children and children. I thank Allah for you all."In order to lead you must first know how to serve with whats bestowed upon you and trusting the process."Hope you enjoy and this project aids you the desired affect.Peace Love and Light.