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Meiso "Universal Language" feat. OYG (
Directed, filmed and edited by SWAMP HOUSE

Special Thanks
Earl Louis
Hitomi Urushihara
George Hathaway
Chillin Shibuya

From Meiso's Album 「轆轤」(Rokuro)
All beats by MA$A$HI (8th wonder)

2017.1.25 in stores

1. 前業 ~Intro~ feat. SPIN MASTER A-1
2. 轆轤
3. Double Fresh feat. 言xTHEANSWER, SPIN MASTER A-1
4. For the love feat. BASI
5. Universal Language feat. OYG
6. A2Z feat. Myka 9
7. 八戒
8. 禁断の果実 feat. キダハシヤ
9. Velocity
10. 丑三ツ feat. Kuroyagi, MA$A$HI
11. Medicine feat. E13
12. PYRO feat. Hisomi-TNP, MA$A$HI, Omega Cix
13. 邪魔者
14. 少年時代
15. 還元 ~Outro~
-Bonus Tracks-
16. 丑三ツ Bugseed remix
17. 轆轤 Bugseed remix

Artwork by imaone

Meiso Twitter: @MEISO_

MA$A$HI Twitter: @nejel_mongrel

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