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khaderbai's 30 minutes of BOOM! – Episode 48, Januar 2018 (

0:01 Big Tabb – Raw Dawg (Soupbox Remix)
4:09 SicknessMP – Hidden of Pacitan
7:24 Walt Sicknin’ – Philly Wreckin’ Stuff
10:59 Type Raw – Patience
13:59 Walt Sicknin’ – SP-12 Gauge (Boora Remix)
17:09 BeaMic – Glasses
19:57 Rappin’ Is Fundamental – Doo-Hop
23:36 J Dilla – 551
25:40 e26quent – ernsthaft

This mix features a diverse array of instrumental and rap hiphop music and is mixed by Haus & Baum's own khaderbai. There is no particular theme, but the groove that drives it. It assembles newly released as well as already older, established music. This particular mix has been originally recorded for the SMK Setblock on GDS.FM. SMK is an enticing DJ Duo, hailing from Zurich, consisting of SLM and khaderbai. GDS.FM is a Zurich based online radio.

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Disclaimer: We don't own the copyrights of any music contained in this mix unless otherwise noted.