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DJ Brace - Apatheia (PreOrder) (
There are certain things that, when held too close, distort our perspective. Emotions and ego can clutter the mind’s eye. Apatheia, which should not be confused with apathy, involves moving these things to a safe distance. This is not about a loss of feeling or disengaging with the world. The goal is to gain understanding through a disentangling from the chaos that litters the landscape. Unfettered, unburdened, and unobstructed... one can experience freedom of the soul and see the way forward with absolute clarity. We’ve charted a course for you. There are nine sonic signposts to soundtrack your journey. So, immerse yourself in the music and allow it to rinse away the distractions that have been preventing you from experiencing your own Apatheia. 

Gizmodo “…DJ Will Blow Your Mind With Turntable Wizardry” 

La Presse “The DJ Shadow of Montreal..” 

DJ Skribble: “DJ Brace’s album is a funky soulful turntablelist journey thru music and takes you on a bass filled ride!” 

Soul Khan: “Apatheia reaffirms that DJ Brace’s work belongs in the same tier as DJ Shadow or RJD2, but with a style and trajectory all his own. Every track’s a genre-leaping symphony of surgically chopped breaks, live and electronic instrumentation, and...  more


releases November 3, 2017 

Artists: Max Lewko, Shaun Morin, Caroline Dejeneffe, Fred Thomas 
Musicians: Vekked, Lolly Bone, Morbin, Zal Sissokho & Kabajak 
Mastering: Total Sonic Media 
Cover: Caroline Dejeneffe 
Design: Bill Acheson 
Mixing: Kabanjak