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Realio Sparkzwell (formerly iRealz/REALZ) - The Main Ingredient EP (PreOrder) (
This is a tribute to one of the greatest R-n-B soul groups ever The Main Ingredient. Realio chops up some of their classics and spits streetwise lyrical wizardy. Something to roll up and blaze to, meditate and vibe to. Salute: Realio Sparkzwell " 89 Let The Rhythm Hit Em/ No guest features/ just writing the best songs and smoking the best reefer" 
Recorded at Red Brick Studios by Salvatore Chisari on Sunday September 17th 2017 
1. Archimedes intro 
2. Half A Chance 
3. Hardbody Hemoglobin 
4. Purple Grimace 
5. Half A Chance 
6. Questions 
7. The Ark outro


releases October 3, 2017