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Omniverses - Look Further (Prod. Mono:Massive) (
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Song: Look Further 
Artist: Omniverses
Prod by. Mono:Massive
Video filmed by: RingZ Ov Saturn 

RingZ Ov Saturn Youtube:

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Teknical Youtube:


Look Further, 12 New joints from London based Hip Hop collective Omniverses

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Full digital release 07/07/2017

Omniverses are: Bad FX Vague Merklynn Teknical

It's simple, the journey we're on will make you look further with no ganda into the midnight, and through the mysterious darkness. 
You'll see reflections of the rhyming drill. But we got this, as we're victory bound and to spread joy is the only akshon..... 

Bad FX, Merklynn, Vague, Teknical Development .IS

released July 7, 2017 

All Lyrics written and preformed by: 
Bad FX, Merklynn, Vague, Teknical Development .IS (of Omniverses) 

Production: BadFX, MonoMassive, B-Side and Luke Pryde 

Guitars/Bass; Robert Williams 

Scratches: DJ Maintain 

Artwork: Paul Henriques 

All vocals recorded at ZIPLOCK Studio