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Seven Spherez - Spinning Out (
Seven Spherez (Dr G & Ghost One)
Emanation (the origin of the title), the act of emitting; causing to flow forth (even radiate). Which is what happens on this album; it is like a painting that radiates and becomes the life of the room, or the professor of philosophy that everyone tries to get into his class because they love hearing what he is going to talk about next.
This is what shines in this piece of Hip Hop culture. Where everything on the radio screams out the same words and has the same feel, here enters Ghost One and Dr. G with their calculated and well-thoughtout blueprints that are masterfully airbrushed onto the canvas with visuals of struggle. Yet, they still have this sense of strength that they cling to within the narrative that illistrates wisdom and knowledge that comes from the past and the reading of the vast surroundings that is the cosmos.The songs and their featured artists play out like a scripted destiny of monologues, each touching on their experiences. The scenes inbetween further support the message they are trying to reach their audience with, the world's spirituality is decaying right before us and with it- ourselves.Emanations (the track), starts us off with the struggle of consciousness, as Ghost travels through the stars and the universe with the focus only a spiritual entity can conjure up. Then we go through the forbidden garden full of tracks like, Refracted, Livewire, Spinning Out, Whispers, Travel Deep and Lights Out; the aggressive onslaught of questioning and offerings wielded with vocal weapons of earthbound demigods.In the end, songs like Ghost of Me, Broken, and Undone; bring clarity to our inner and outer conflicts. This strife in everyday life is real. We all go through similar feelings that arise from the chemicals of our emotions, which spring into life our perceptions and explanations. Enjoy the journey...
released February 17, 2017