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Awon & Linkrust - Moon Beams (
Moon Beams is a project by rapper Awon and producer Linkrust that takes the listener on a spaced out afrofuturistic journey through the streets as they exist today, yesterday, and possibly the future. The music by Linkrust is obscure, raw, and gritty yet beautiful at times composed as it is an alien operating on a different frquency. The accompanying lyrics of Awon only enhance the vibration making this musical offering one that should be listened to as a mix or in one sitting to gain the full experience of this genre bending journey into another time, place, and possibly galaxy.


released April 17, 2017 

vocals written and performed by Awon 
produced in entirety by Linkrust 
artwork by Phoniks 
feature courtesy of Tiff the Gift and Don't Sleep Records 
vinyl via Vinyl-Digital 

mixed and mastered by Linkrust in Grenoble, France