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Sonder Sounds - The Collective Vol 1 (Instrumental) (
CJ - Its finally here... The first collective from Sonder Sounds. 20 tracks put together by the team in the first month of SS. We've been working real hard on this so it will be appreciated if you give it a listen and share it with your friends. We do this for the love of music so go listen and let us know what you think. You can grab this album from our Bandcamp (linked in our bio) over the next couple of days for just $1. Any money made will go straight back into Sonder Sounds releases. I hope you enjoy what weve created and look out for volume 2. 

[There's a special bonus for those that download] <3 


THC - I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this movement and everyone that has taken the time out of their days to listen to our art. We live and breathe this music thing. Much love to my family and friends and all of the individuals that have personally pushed me to get to where we are now. I'd like to especially thank CJBEATS for all of his hard work and holding the team down for us. Much love to all of those that believe in the vision and crossed paths with me. Special shoudout to my mom for pushing me constantly to be happy in life and chase these dreams. I'd like to thank the rest of the family as well for doing the same and sticking by my side; we got each other & much love. I'd like to thank autonami for teaching me how to use FL and how to screw & chop music way back in the day. Next up is Yung Bama, holding everything down in BG, KY at Studio 17 doing big things - I'm proud of you g and glad you've taken the time to teach me the things I now know in this music thing. I also want to thank my boss, Skipp Waller, at Black Cat Studios [powered by Black Cat Logistics] here in DE for believing in me and teaching me what I know about recording and mixing, even producing. And last but certainly not least, CV for being the best muse this creative can get. Much love to all of you & God bless. 


***All proceeds donated go towards future Sonder Sounds releases.


released April 13, 2017 

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