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Figub Brazlevic & Christmaz feat. BlabberMouf - Ego & Soul Tour - April 19 2017 - Stuttgart
w/ Figub BrazlevičChristmaz feat. BlabberMouf

Christmaz is a 24 year old Emcee from Stockholm, Sweden.
Traveling to Berlin in 2015 for a show at East-West Sessions
connected Christmaz with Beat maker Figub Brazlevic. Before
and after the show they both shared ideas on future collaborations,
discussed the direction of where they both would like to be in the near future. Having both similar goals with their visions, this was the point they joined forces.

They started stright away and Christmaz stayed in Berlin a couple weeks to work on a EP with Figub. Days passed, with a lot of good material being created. Things could not be left there, so they decided to do an Album together and choose the title „Ego&Soul“ an older name from the origin EP Idea from Christmaz. 

During the process of producing the album a lot of new and old friends of Christmaz and Figub made frequent visits to the Studio forming the team of features for the LP. These included the likes of BlabberMouf (Netherland), Merlin Alexander (Swiss), Teknical Development.IS (London / England), Tesla Alset (Netherland), MadFlows (USA), Noritsu (France), Maniac ( Demographics / Germany) and Omniverses (London / England).