Jazz Jousters podcast #3 by OJB - [ Jazzhop - Hip Hop Soul - Downtempo ] (youtube.com)
"My love affair with hip hop music started at a young age and has seen
me take a journey through nearly all forms of rap music from gangster
rap to conscious UK music. My journey has not only been as a fan but
also a musician in my own right. As a beat maker and composer I pay a
lot of attention to instrumentation and the relationship between
different aspects that make up a track. I hope that my selection of jazz
and jazz-influenced music from some of my favourite producers and
artists will in part explain my passion for well produced and
interesting music.

Jazz music has always been a huge influence on the producers and artists I listen to and I hope you enjoy my selection.
Don't forget to check back for the podcasts every fortnight for your next dose of jazzy hip hop." - OJB - Owen Bush





like, share and expect many more shows. We've got around 25 to go up
and then we have several new ones mixes and guest shows to come.




Compiled and mixed by OJB


00:00 - OJB - Sense of Purpose
00:42 - Collective Efforts - Crazy Things
04:03 - Specifics - Under the Hood
07:53 - Arts The Beatdoctor - Decreasing Daylight
11:29 - The Procussions - We Gotta
16:28 - Aim - From a Seaside Town
22:18 - Jazz Liberatorz - Loop Prisoner
25:10 - All Natural - Renaissance
29:52 - Jazzanova - Behold These Days (Berlin '74)
33:43 - Noel Zancanella - Lovely
37:28 - Jazz Liberatorz - Force Be With You ft. T Love
40:44 - Soulchef - Oh No ft. Hydroponikz
43:33 - Kev Brown - Albany
46:15 -Nujabes - After Hanabi (Listen to My Beat)