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Deverano - Mírame (

Written by @iamdeverano & @karmarosemusicVERSE 1
Una amiga de siete años
Un amor, que es muy extraño
Un amor, que yo quiero tanto
Para ella es este canto
Cuando me mira siempre suspiro
Miro sus ojos y me inspiro
Solo quiere que sea su amigo
Para mí sería un castigo
(A friend of seven years)
(A love that's very strange)
(A love that I really want)
(This song's for her)
(When you look at me, I always sigh)
(I look in her eyes and get inspired)
(She wants me to just be a friend)
(That's a punishment for me)
No quiero temerte
Ay ay ay, sigo esperando
Ay ay ay, desesperado
Ay ay ay, no quiero perderte
(I don't want to fear you)
(I'm still waiting)
(I don't want to lose you)
Mírame, mírame
Mírame, mírame
Mírame, mírame
Mírame, mírame
(Look at me, look at me)
(Look at me, look at me)
(Look at me, look at me)
(Look at me, look at me)
Como el águila, ella vuela
Su corazón guarda con cautela
Como quisiera convencerla
Que solo pido quererla
Cada noche, yo siempre sueño
Que pronto, yo seré su dueño
La amaría con bondad
Si me diera la oportunidad
(Like the eagle, she flies)
(She guards her heart with caution)
(I wish I can convince her)
(That I only ask to love her)
(Every night, I always dream)
(That soon, she'd be mine)
(I would love her with kindness)
(If she would give me the opportunity)
No quiero lastimarte
Ay ay ay, yo te quiero tanto
Ay ay ay, ya no más aguanto
Ay ay ay, déjame cuidarte
(I don't want to hurt you)
(I love you so much)
(I can't take anymore)
(Let me take care of you)
Quítame mi sufrimiento
Tú me quitas el aliento
Ya no quiero más tormento
(Take away my suffering)
(You take my breath away)
(I don't want anymore torment)