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@RocKartel_ - "Lie" (
<strong>Roc Kartel</strong> has announced the release date of his hot new single entitled <strong>"Lie"</strong>. The rising Maryland artist provides a catchy hook to go along with his influential lyrics in this new mellowed-out production. Kartel described the concept of his new release as, <strong>"surviving in a world full of lies and hate"</strong>.
Produced by <strong>Ohzone Beats</strong>, <strong>"Lie"</strong> has a new age musical vibe. It’s largely a Hip Hop song but also features several mainstream music elements. The single is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal and other major online music retailers.
The song addresses the endless stream of <strong>"Lies"</strong> that Roc has encountered as his opponents have tried to derail his plans. With stardom at the forefront of his mission, <strong>"Lie"</strong> confronts their unsuccessful attempts to discourage him and Kartel capitalizes off their deeds with another hot single.