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Best International Hip Hop love song L AMOUR (
Best international Hip hop-Top Jewish Hip Hop love song "l'Amour" - The term Hip Hop (Musical Genre) when themed as Israeli hip hop refers to hip hop and rap music in Israel but also to all artists of Jewish heritage living in the diaspora . Sev LeSaved is a Jewish British Born Ivorian who fells very comfortable in all his heritages . He sees himself as Jewish first then African and British . Premier Jewish Afro-European Hip Hop act to perform one of the top Hip Hop Love song titled l'amour(Love) alongside international major artist such Tete  the French Pop folk sensation in London .  He goes beyond beats and rhymes through political and social activism. and it is an exhaggeration to speak of a modern day urban Martin Luther King Jr  when we dig on the content of his lyrics . International Hip hop at its best in what the French would call chanson d'amour Hip hop . It's true that some will equate him to Matisyahu or BABA L'AZIZ  Israeli Hip Hop veteran but the is something original .The song could be among the top most influential hip hop songs. Serge Gainsbourg gloomy sunday  is one of his inspirations coupled with the all time song How Great is our God . Music feat Chris  Tomlin introduced to the world's   public through the world edition of How Great is Our God in the music video by passion . .Best international Hip hop love song "l'Amour" (Love ) feat Juki at Tete(Sony Music), Far from being a dance track this is one of the greatest live music performances by  the premier Jewish Afro European Hip hop act.