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Investment by Prosthetik Intelligentz (DoomGotBeats) (
@itsprosthetik @DoomGotBeats
Carolinian backpacker Hip-Hop duo Prosthetik Intelligentz join forces with Raleigh NC based sound designer Eric "GravityMovement" Bannister to present "The Sounds & Wonders EP."

Please download and enjoy our single "Investment" entirely FREE.

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Yo I'm investing in the moving of feet and head nods,
Finger snapping and ya feet tap-tapping
Make a blood vessel bust when the kid start rappin,

Mixing the math and meditation with the scripture,
But never too much, just enough to make they head bust
When they download, unpack and play it from the richter
Swingin' at the devil but the blade barely nicked em,

Stop in a local village, asking where the town be,
Reading on the way to town quoting Yerushalmi
Don't gotta crew a masked goons all around me, a pocket fulla pennies and a buffalo nickel,

Dreaming of cars and cream is so fickle
The TV turning tater-tot babies into potato heads (Huh?), pickle juice for they brains cuz they Tivo'ing the game
But don't know from whence they came from.. They saying damn Ezzie lame but he ain't dumb

"And you can think it's cost-free, you can think there's no price to be paid, than it's easy to slide back into conformity, complacency, and that goes hand-in-hand with our market-driven narcissistic hedonistic society; with more and more people concerned just about "getting over" as opposed to being a better, more decent, compassionate human being."

- Professor Cornell West

Verse Two

I gotta steel jaw and got eyes fulla fire,
Working and I'm sowing and I'm sowing SO I'm reaping cause providing for the fam is the true man's desire,

The most higher, laid it on my heart
Grab a bright red torch
Find the demons in the dark,

Listen to the wise, but beat cha own path and remember that the one that cries first laughs last,
Build up the kids legs strong like the pyramids
Not like an eleven, make em' strong like the pyramids,

Yamasaki had a plan man I know he did
But wind and rain ain't the same as a plane being flown by man on a mission from the Taliban,
Ya'll ain't gotta listen to me I'm just gallivant-ting,

From place to place, tryna represent the people be a credit to my race
Gotta well of joy in my chest man,
We gotta invest man..

"You have to be committed to truth. You're not committed to just being well-adjusted to the narrow sensibilities or sentiments of your audience. You want to uplift your audience, you want to be able to, challenge your audience as well as entertain. You wanna delight and instruct at the same time; the very thing you've been doing for nearly five years in your love and service to the public though brother you wanna, unsettle your audience and at the same time you want to delight, you know you wanna keep a little smile on their face as they wrestle with some deep issues."

- Professor Cornell West