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@rvdicalthekid & @mistermack-1 - Ethereal by Flow-Fi - Hear the world’s sounds (
@rvdicalthekid, @mistermack-1

Here's a midnight surprise for all of you who thought we were gonna cool off after a busy week. Instead, we're turning up the heat tonight with this joint from Flow-Fi newcomers, Rvdical The Kid and MisterMack. Together they meld the metallic and melodic, invade your ears with explosive kicks and snares and leave you hitting the repost button and asking the question, 'who is Rvdical?'.

Rvdical The Kid is an enigmatic producer hailing from somewhere in the U.S. (That's all we can tell you). Rvdical's incredible ear for rhythms, huge drums and constantly moving melodies are showcased in this new track, 'Ethereal'. MisterMack lends a helping hand on this track with his stirring chord progressions and marvelous melodies.

This is just a little taste of what to expect from Rvdical The Kid, MisterMack and Flow-Fi in 2014.

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17 April 2014