• Drop A Gem TV Episode 1.4 with L.I.F.E. LONG and MACMOTION
    Drop a gem productions
  • Reef the lost cauze on drop a gem T.V. (Part 1)
    speak no evil and L.E.O. pull up in Philly and get the chance to chop
    it up with the legendary emcee and member of Army of the pharoas reef
    the lost cauze!
  • Sabac Red of Non-Phixion | Organize & Mobilize | Planning and Prioritizing t...
    Today my guest is John Fuentes also known as Sabac Red of the legendary
    Hip-Hop group, Non-Phixion. Aside from an MC Sabac is a Husband, Father
    community activist and more. He also works with the Oakland city youth
    overseeing grants and programs geared towards developing positive young
    adults. We’ll talk a bit about how he got into social activism by
    building with many celebrities before the fame as well as his time
    working with MC Search and more. And of course a strong Q&A
    segment.  Before we start the show though I wanna shout out Mighty Muds
    for leaving a comment on iTunes. he said “Seriously best info I've
    gotten in a while. Glad I found this, already got started on my projects
    thanks to this. Glad to be a Kahleague”  Thanks to everyone
    subscribing, rating and reviewing the show on iTunes. please be sure to
    leave your name and I’ll shout you out on the next show.   ---- 1:16 - Guest Introduction 3:08 - Non-Phixion 20 plus years 5:00 - Connecting with MC Search 7:15 - Listening to unreleased Nas’ Illmatic  11:00 - Trying to battle Bud Bundy 13:55 - Where it all started: City Kids Foundation in New York 22:18 - Acting with friend Dash Mihok 23:55 - Discussions that lead to progress 26:18 - Malik Yoba encouraging Sabac as a young adult 28:11 - Overseeing federal/state funding and class curriculums in the Bay Area  30:10 - “What You Gonna Do About Hate” Music Video with Malik Yoba, Donald Fasion and more. 30:40 - Daily Routine 31:21 - Working with amazing people 34:14 - How Artists and Educators are similar 35:45 - Balancing Day Job, Family and Music 37:15 - Wanna-be Journalists 38:38 - New EP out 2017 39:30 - Music related streams of income  41:04 - Appreciating Travel and experiencing cultures —— 30:40 - Daily Routines 45:08 - Work/Life Balance: Prioritize and Respect your value 47:15 - Where did you see yourself at this point? 49:25 - Life Hacks: Results of O.C.D. 52:30 - Failure turned Success: A failed relationship is opportunity for a better relationship 54:58 - Ensuring action and execution: Planning 59:08 - Rules for collaboration and partnerships: Must align with your own vision 1:03:30 - Book, Movie or Reading suggestion: “Finding Joseph” Bad Brains Documentary:, The Book: 1:05:04 - Top 3 -Do Smile -Don’t Text and Drive -Must have Sleep (and a fresh pair of Jordans) 1:09:52 - Words to live by: "Sharing is daring and I dare you to continue to share." 1:11:08
    - Contact Sabac Red: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @SabacRed. Look out
    for 2017 album with Snowgoons. Download Non-Phixion and Sabac Red music
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  • Lewis Parker on UK/US collaboration & mentality [Boom Bap Festival 2015]
    spoke with Lewis Parker at Boom Bap Festival 2015 about UK/US
    collaborations as well as the difference between the typical US and UK
    artists' financial mentality.

    Lewis Parker:

    Sektion Red:

    Interview filmed by Oliver Whitehouse and Jessica Kathleen Brady.
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  • Rustee Juxx Reflects On His 18 Years In Hip-Hop
    Interview by Makzwell Skot for Breaking Wreckords Radio.
    Video by Makzwell Skot / Edited by Maloney for Breaking Wreckords Radio.
    Honorable shout out to Tom at Reel Wolf Productions.

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    Ray Vendetta & Bad fx a talk about putting together the lion scriptures project and what's in the pipeline.

    Lion Scriptures available for download @:

    Filmed and edited by AMS.
  • MR GREEN - Just One Record #55 (Interview)
    L'équipe de Just One Record a eu l'occasion de rencontrer MR GREEN,
    producteur du New Jersey pour son premier concert en France, avec le
    légendaire R.A. The Rugged Man et une légende en devenir, le jeune
    Green nous parle de son album favori, issu là aussi d'un
    groupe de légende, GANG STARR, il nous parle aussi de ses nombreux
    projets à venir…
  • Apollo Brown - Questions (Interview) (2015)
    Detroit producer Apollo Brown answers questions posed by people online.

    Shot by Jay brown.
  • Ill Bill Talks New La Coka Album & Current Everlast Relationship. (2015)
    This is the 1st episode of our D.D.TV (Digital Dynasty TV) interview with ILL Bill (of La Coka Nostra/ Heavy Metal Kings) and we caught up with him on a rainy day in Coney Island. In Part 1 Bill tells us what’s in store for the new Coka album, how he has changed from the early 2k’s to 2015 as an emcee, he lets us know if Everlast will be on the new LCN album, what features and Producers we can expect to see on the LCN album and lastly tell us if another Ill Bill solo album is in the works.

    Download DD34 (Hosted by Ill Bill) here-

    Digital Dynasty TV (DDTV) was created by Tha Advocate to add a visual aspect to the Digital Dynasty Mixtape series. DDTV is a joint venture Between Tha Advocate, and Monstar Films. DDTV aims to give you a personal look into some of your artists lives and asks the questions you want to hear, no politics involved.

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  • ODB / Method Man - Throwback Interview [1997]
    Ol' Dirty Bastard was born Russell Tyrone Jones in Brooklyn in 1969, and grew up in the neighborhood of Fort Green as a welfare child. As he got older, he started hanging out more and more with his cousins Robert Diggs and Gary Grice; they all shared a taste for rap music and kung-fu movies. The trio parlayed their obsessions into founding the Wu-Tang Clan, renaming themselves Ol' Dirty Bastard (since there was no father to his style), the RZA, and the Genius, respectively.

    Method Man was born Clifford Smith on April 1, 1971, in Hempsted, Long Island; he split his childhood between his father's Long Island residence and his mother's Staten Island home. It was the latter locale where he met his future Wu-Tang cohorts RZA, Genius/GZA, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. Method Man was one of the first to sign on. Meth was heavily featured on the group's classic late-1993 debut, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), even getting his own showcase track with "Method Man," which certainly put him out front in terms of name recognition.
  • Joey Bada$$ - US meets UK (2015)
    Joey Bada$$ | US meets UK: SBTV
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    We hung out with Joey Bada$$ in London when he payed a visit from across the pond for the 2nd episode of US meets UK. He discusses the pro's & con's of being an independent artist, the vibe he looks for in music, inspirations, his personal achievements and more!

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    Joey Bada$$ | Interview [S3.EP46]: SBTV
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  • Lecture: DOOM (Madrid) (Interview) (2011)
    Hip hop's last enigma sits down on the Academy couch to break down the message behind the mask, rap beef behind his different personas, and why good things come to those who wait.
  • Marco Polo - The Making of PA2 (Pt.2)
  • Action Bronson & The Alchemist - The Smokebox (2015)
    We're kicking off 2015 right!

    In this edition of 'The Smokebox', B-Real links up with Action Bronson & The Alchemist. The trio discuss hip-hop, professional wrestling, hockey stories, "Fuck, That's Delicious", "Mr. Wonderful", best strains & much much all while smoking california's finest green!

  • Joey Bada$$ Talks "B4.DA.$$ (2015)
    On his 20th birthday, two days ago, Joey Bada$$ aka Badmon dropped his debut abum B4.DA.$$. While celebrating the album's release, Joey had a day of press which included hitting up our office for an interview.
    During the interview, the young New York rapper touches on how he'll gauge the success of his album, as well as competing with fellow album releases like Lupe Fiasco. The rapper also talks about his relationship with Statik Selektah, names his favorite track off the LP (which he says changes all the time), and tell us what's next with Pro Era.
    We also get Joey to break down "Teach Me" and his free joint "Born Day," where he addresses the Bobby Shmurda situation in his lyrics. "It hurts me, it effects me, I don't wanna see none of my brothers go down like that. I don't know Shmurda personally, but it's someone that looks just like me, you feel me. Even with the recent incidents of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, these are all brothers that are just like us," he says.
    Take a look at the full interview above, and be sure to cop B4.DA.$$ on iTunes.
  • Interview: Joey Bada$$ About Big L, Lil Wayne & his debut album "B4.DA....
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  • Nas Interview (Early 90's)
    Rare interview with Nas at the Devil's Nest, a popular nightclub in the Bronx in the early 90's.

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  • Royce Da 5'9", DJ Premier & Adrian Younge Break Down Their "P...
    On December 9th, Detroit-based lyrical assassin Royce Da 5'9" and living legend DJ Premier will be uniting under the name PRhyme (pronounced like "prime") for a self-titled album. With Preemo solely sampling music by the talented, retro-minded musician Adrian Younge, and a whole host of big-name guests showing up for verses, PRhyme should be quite the listen. Last week, we caught up with Royce, Premier and Younge to get the inside scoop on their collaboration.
    First, Preemo describes how the project grew from a Slaughterhouse EP to a collaborative project between him, Royce and Adrian with the help of Shady Records A&R Mike Herard. He then goes on to detail the process of sampling from one artist's catalog (Younge's) for the entire album, which is something that he's never done in all of his 24 years in the game.
    He and Royce go on to explain how entrants in our "PRhyme Time" contest will be judged, giving some tough but helpful advice to their aspiring collaborators. Later on, all three express their interest in doing a PRhyme tour and second album. Hopefully, those will both come to fruition, but first, be sure to cop PRhyme when it drops on December 9th.
  • J-Zone: Lunch Breaks Promo Pt 1

    Redefinition Records sat down with the multi-talented J-Zone at his Queens NY studio for a conversation about his musical roots, why he started playing drums, and the ideas behind his latest project, "Lunch Breaks"
    - -

    Enter the world of J-Zone, the self-proclaimed jack of all trades / master of none (mc / producer / drummer / author). Truth be told, Zone is one of Hip Hop's most underrated artists. The Queens NY native earned his stripes as an MC / producer with a string of unique and critically acclaimed albums in the late 90's-2000's on Fat Beats Records before taking a hiatus from music. Zone recently made an impact as an author, with his honest and humorous look at his experiences in the music biz in "Root For The Villain." Since then, J has seemingly recharged his battery and jumped back into the music biz with more enthusiasm than ever, releasing a full-length album called "Peter Pan Syndrome" in 2013, and more recently, the thought provoking anti-hater anthem, "Map Rap" on 7" vinyl. J has also been DJing popular parties from NY to Chicago including the NY nightlife staple, Mobile Mondays.

    Redefinition Records & The Drum Broker are proud to bring you J-Zone's 'Lunch Breaks' on vinyl & cassette formats. What is lunch breaks? It's a compilation of original and familiar drum breaks performed and recorded by J-Zone. This break record/album is a must have for any drum aficionado, beatmaker, producer, or J-Zone fan. As a writer, producer, MC, and now Drummer, the "Chief Chinchilla" has earned himself a cult following that deserves nothing less than full attention.

    These are must have drums, especially for sampling producers, DJs and production enthusiasts. Includes 9 bonus tracks not available on the digital version.

    - -
    Video by @redefrecords
    Additional photos courtesy of Dan Love
    Thanks to J-Zone, Drum Broker, Strictly Cassette & K-Def

    - -

    Vinyl & Cassette also available at,,
  • Apollo Brown & Ras Kass discuss working together on Blasphemy
  • What Inspires Mr. Green (BeeShine)