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Sound Providers ft. Maspyke - The Throwback (2004) (youtube.com)
Sound Providers - An Evening With the Sound Providers

The Sound Providers are a Jazz rap duo formed by producers Jason Skills and Soulo. Formed in 1998 in San Diego, California, it originally included a third member, an MC named Profile, who left the group shortly before they were signed by ABB Records. The Sound Providers produced a number of singles before releasing their debut album An Evening with The Sound Providers, recorded and produced in San Diego and Los Angeles, in 2004 on ABB Records. Without Profile The SPs filled the void by bringing in a number of guest artists: Asheru, The Procussions, Wee Bee Foolish, Maspyke and Little Brother all made contributions to the album. Soulo, although fulfilling the role of DJ/producer, is known to occasionally spit on the mic. He only raps briefly on the debut, but rapped on a number of their earlier tracks.

In early 2006 they released another album entitled Looking Backwards: 2001 - 1998, which is a compilation of earlier songs made when Profile was still a member of the group. These songs were previously available only as 12" singles. The album also includes a number of radio promos and other beats and songs which had never seen the light of day before.

In 2006 The SPs remixed the Kero One track Give Thanks featuring Niamaj. The remix was released as a B-side to Kero One's In All The Wrong Places single.

In 2006 The Pros also completed a full-length album with an emcee from Tampa, Florida named Surreal. The album is entitled True Indeed, and the first single "Just gettin started" b/w "Place to be" was released in June of the same year. The full length album was released on 14 November 2006 on Quarternote/ABB Records.

The Sound Providers sound is predominately jazz orientated hip hop, though their work can consist of a much wider array of genres. Their style is a mix of socially conscious lyrics with new school rap beats, with samples taken from jazz, funk, and reggae. They have cited artists such as Gang Starr and the Native Tongues Posse as influences for their work.