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2Ugli ft. Chief Kamachi, ANU322 & Danegerous - Nomads (2014) (soundcloud.com)
From: 2 Ugli - Poor Quality ll

2UGLi is back with Poor Quality II and the beats are banging. The plethora of producers and MC features almost qualify this album as a compilation. That being said, there really isn't a bad track or wack beat on the album. If you are still sleeping on the San Diego MC then let the track ''The Code'' ft. Raekwon & Lodeck wake you up. Beats don't get much smoother than this and Rea spits some nice NY tales while 2UGLi lays down some golden aged lyrics. This is real underground and they were even featured on George Lopez. I'm hyped that there are advanced underground sounds like this coming out of San Diego.

2Ugli interview --> backseatmafia.com/2014/10/25/meet-…s-new-video-yuk/