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Sacred Hoop - Never Front (2000) (youtube.com)
Sacred Hoop - Sleep Over

Sacred Hoop
Lyricist Luke Sick (Palo Alto, CA) and Producer Vrse Murphy (Scottsdale, AZ).

The group has been active for more than 17 years (1994-present).

DJ's: DJ Fondouglas, Raw B, Tricky T, DJ Marz(Latyrx, The Dwarves, Devin the Dude, Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters), and DJ Quest(Prince Paul, Automator, DJ Shadow, Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters).

Matt Kelley(Del, Hieroglyphics, The Coup) mixed/engineered "Sleepover".

Dave Cooley(J Dilla) mixed/engineered "Go Hogwild.

Collabs: Z Trip, The Dwarves / Blag Dhalia, Z man(Hieroglyphics, Moss, One Block Radius, 99TH Dimension),Buckethead, Brain from Primus, Grand Invincible(DJ Eons (Spazz/Gummo Soundtrack)), Rec League, Boac, Topr, Third Sight(Jihad, D styles, Du Funk), Trunk Drank(88 & Brandon B.), Motel Crew(Doug Surreal, Aye Jay artwork) Neila, Laura Weyl / Metagasm, Mack Dawg Productions, Videograss(darrell mathes,mikey leblanc) Thrasher, Playing Mona Lisa, DJ Cue, Featured on Punk'd, Ride Snowboards, Brougham, Pete Sasqwax, Urb next 100 (1999), etc.

"Luke Sick is like an intelligent, pissed-off Beastie Boy. He makes head trips and insecurity fun again." (Slug from Atmosphere, City Pages)

Contact: Thehoopmusic@gmail.com for vinyl/t shirts w/ original art by: Aaron Horkey(Retired, Sleepover), Matt Loomis(Go Hogwild)

@Thehoopmusic (Twitter) @Vrsemurphy (BEATS FOR SALE)

Thehoopmusic.com (Tumblr)


Sacred Hoop Hip Hop (Facebook)