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Robust - Show Love (2007) (youtube.com)
Robust - El Foto grande

The Big Picture. Get it? It’s a concept easy enough for anyone to understand, but most never stop to think about it. It’s that simple yet all-encompassing feeling you get when you finally figure it all out. It’s putting in that time and work to get where you need to be. It’s showing love and respect in order to get love and respect. El Foto Grande.

Robust has captured that snapshot clear as day in this collaboration with one of the hottest producers on the LA scene, Mike Gao, who co-produced the album alongside newcomer Nick Sena. It’s the official sophomore solo release from Robust, whose 2004 debut album "Potholes In Our Molecules" (Galapagos4) raised eyebrows worldwide with it’s hard-hitting eclectic beats and intense rhymes. This record finds Robust more mature and seeing straight-forward, speaking to the masses that are eager to listen. The beats provide a diverse backdrop for Robust to focus his animated rhymes on, and the team delivers with deliberate clarity.