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A June & J Beat ft. Klidedabeast - Faceless (2013) (youtube.com)
(South Korea | USA)
From: A June & J Beat - Deamer
Thx for granting the permission to upload the track!
NEW RELEASE, from 'A June & J beat', 'Dreamer'!! (December 26th) only for BandCamp and Korea.

After releasing 'Jazz natural Vol.1' EP, 'A June & J beat', unlike before, released city-like and emotional, 'Dreamer'

They have already proven themselves as artists over the genre and nation. They are able to show their thoughts and feelings through music and showing different qualities.

Hot jazz hip-hop artists such as 'Nieve', 'Substantial', 'the49ers', 'Noah King', 'LHA', 'CL ' and many artists participated in this album, resulting 16 remarkable tracks for driving, relaxing in cafe, in the city and every places for emotional inner peace.



Album art by San sung
Cover design by by G. Minor
Directed by Hee suk kim
All produced by A June & J Beat
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    Blaze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezt8VuMx2F4
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