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CF (Constant Flow) ft. Swave Sevah & AKIR - Dog Tags (2014) (

After years of mental turmoil and an extremely rough upbringing not many have the initiative or the persistence to turn life around and make a career out of it. Many people come across a difficult obstacle and give up. When a man’s dreams become nightmares that haunt him, there only remains utter failure and everything is hopeless. But in the course of human history it is mans will that withstands, prevails and triumphs.
Our modern day verbal underdog CF (Constant Flow) has withstood the test of time. From dealing with the absence of his father, the murder of his rhyming partner, the hatred of fellow local hip-hop entrepreneurs, the abandonment of his once best friends, the lack of support for his music from much loved ones and racism, CF has battled his way through life. His verbal skills developed as a young Puerto Rican growing up on the streets of downtown Jersey City. While living in a predominantly Italian neighborhood, where his kind was not fully accepted and being confronted with the realism of life as a Boricua in America, CF decided to take up MCing as a forte. CF or Tin man was and still is renown in the streets of Jersey City for his heartless attack when launching verbal onslaughts. Thus the concept behind the name Tin man is what gave him the rugged edge and molded him into a true street corner cipher MC.
While exercising his verbal abilities via the NYC open mic circuit, he learned to master the art of poetic improvisation. By studying the art form he began to experiment with other musical platforms and incorporated these elements in to his own artistry. Rhyming over jazz and Afro-Cuban percussions helped him develop his rhythmic styles to perfect the art of riding a beat. He also read constantly to keep words giving him verbal artillery. He worked harder in trying to make his freestyle replicate a written rhyme scheme so he would not need to write verses. He created a stage presence that could intimidate his competitors and continued to write songs to have proper song structure applying a strategy of developing simplistic verses with complicated concepts and song themes. Each one of these elements has allowed him to become a well-rounded artist something extremely rare and not often seen in the neo hip-hop movement of today.
CF has won several battles listed in the following order: the DMC convention End of the Weak challenge at BB Kings, bragging rites (2004), MC War East coast division, City of dreams (1999), Wonder Twins show (Sirius Satellite), New Jersey summer jam and has been featured in The Super bowl battle, the Fight Club and the Head Liners battle DVD.
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