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The Dayton Family - Real With This (1996) (youtube.com)
The Dayton Family - F.B.I.
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The Dayton Family is an American Gangsta Rap group from Flint, Michigan. The group is composed of Ira Dorsey, Raheen Peterson, and Matt Hinkle, who perform under the respective personas of Bootleg, Shoestring, and Backstabba. The name Dayton Family derives from Dayton Street, one of the most crime-ridden streets in their hometown.

Early history (1993–2005)

In 1993, Ira Dorsey and Raheen Peterson met through their younger brothers. The two began writing together, under the names Bootleg and Shoestring, and created their first song, "Dope Dayton Ave." Rapper Matt Hinkle soon joined the duo under the name Backstabba. The group began working with local producer Steve Pitts and formed The Dayton Family, named after Dayton Avenue, one of the most crime-ridden streets in their hometown of Flint, Michigan. In between studio sessions, they performed at local clubs and quickly gain notoriety within Flint

The Dayton Family recorded a 12-inch single and soon signed with Atlanta independent record label Po Broke in 1995. That year, the group released their debut album What's on My Mind? and were featured on No Limits Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' and Swingin' compilation album, which got the trio recognition throughout Southern United States. After the album's release, Hinkle was imprisoned and replaced by Dorse's younger brother Eric, who performed under the name Ghetto E. Following a year of touring, the group left Po Broke due to legal problems with the label's producer.

In 1996, they released their second album F.B.I., standing for Fuck Being Indicted, under Relativity Records. The album was later certified gold. The Dayton Family was plagued with various legal problems, including Ira being incarcerated soon after release of F.B.I., which hindered the amount of work the group released. In 1999, both Ira and Peterson released solo albums. Two years later, the group signed with Detroit rapper Esham's Gothom label and released solo albums. The next year, they released Welcome to the Dopehouse under Koch Records.
Stabilization (2005-2010)

After a three-year hiatus, the group was trimmed down to Ira and Peterson and they released Family Feud through Fast Life Records.[2] The following year, The Dayton Family signed with U Be U Records and released Back on Dayton Ave. The duo added new member Jake the Flake later that same year and released Return to Dayton Ave. in October. Following Hinkle's release from prison, the group returned to their original lineup of Ira, Peterson, and Hinkle. In 2009, they released The Return: The Right To Remain Silent under DDA Records.
Hatchet House (2010-2011)

On July 14, 2010, The Dayton Family signed with Insane Clown Posse's subsidiary label Hatchet House. The group released the EP Psycho on February 1, 2011, and a music video was released for the song "Cocaine" on 28 March. Their eighth album, Charges of Indictment, was released on June 28. They most recently featured in the Psychopathic Psypher Part 1 & 2 (Bootleg in Part 1 and Shoestring in Part 2). The video for The Psypher (Part 1 & 2) was released on June 5, 2011.