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DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #115 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) by Radio RapTz | Mixcloud (mixcloud.com)
DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #115 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)
#HipHopShow supported by DJ Anhonym / Awar / Left Lane Didon / Cheef (2nd Team) / Rogue & Relly / LuGhz / EX O / King Solomonic / PozLyrix (Seven Oddities) / SINN / Kartune / Recognize Real / Mike B (Last Jazz Club) / Soul King / Jizzm High Definition / Tha Soloist / DJ Flipcyide / Mic Bles / Realio Sparkzwell / Ill Conscious / DJ Grazzhoppa / Zagnif Nori / Napoleon Da Legend, & more.
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#Playlist Ronsha Mix #115:
1- DJ Anhonym "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro" 
2- DJ Premier "Wut U Said?" (feat. Casanova) 
3- O.C. & PF CUTTIN "Get in Line"
4- L.E.D.S Hip Hop Crew (LuGhz, EX O, DJ Diaze & King Solomonic) "Away" 
5- Julius Sleazer (Dead Rabbits) "Hunting Humans" (feat. Butta Tones)
6- 2nd Team "Three Wise Men" (feat. Ock Cousteau)
7- Woar2 "Delorean Flux" (feat. DJ Pervee)
8- Realio Sparkzwell & DJ Audas "Mi Hermanos (NY/Chile Connection)" (feat. El Bruto CHR)
9- Soul King x Jizzm High Definition x Ras Kass "Grand Star Jazz Club"
10- Reckonize Real & Guilty Simpson "No Love" (feat. Chuuwee)
11- M.W.P. "Bad News" (feat. Nowaah The Flood & DJ Grazzhoppa)
12- Kartune "Intro"
13- Last Jazz Club "Suckaz"
14- Left Lane Didon & Tha God Fahim "Gilead" (feat. Stack Skrilla)
15- Cousin Feo x Keor Meteor "Patrick Vieira" (feat. Supreme Cerebral)
16- MZ BoomBap & Ill Conscious "Sorcery" 
17- Rogue & Relly "Beachy Winter"
18- Illastrate "Pelle, Pt.2" (feat. Rozewood)
19- godK.E the Lyrical Messiah "God’s People" 
20- Tha Soloist & Melvin Junko "Integrity"
21- Johnny Gunnz "Highway C"
22- DJ Flipcyide "Healthy Hatred" (feat. Kope Kaine)
23- Apollo Brown & Joel Ortiz "My Block"
24- godK.E the Lyrical Messiah "Prudence"
25- Teller Bank$ "G Code"
26- SINN "I Apologize"
27- Zagnif Nori & KaBé Prod "Early Morning" (feat. Haleem The Godbrother & King Author)
28- DJ M80 "Intro" 
29- Awar "Forty Five Soul" (feat. Scarface & Anthony Hamilton)
30- Napoleon Da Legend "Guilty" (feat. DJ Swab) 
31- Jabee & Thelonious Martin "As A Yung (David)"
32- PozLyrix (Seven Oddities) "Pound 4 Pound" (feat. Mic One & Max A.)
33- Mic Bles & Merge Beats "Freddie Mercury"
34- Kore "Left Lane" (feat. EMS)