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DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #111 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) - Radio RapTz (raptz.com)
1- Dom Pachino "Juggling Razors" (feat. Bronze Nazareth & Bugsy Da God)
2- Nine "Warriors" (feat. Bounty Killer)
3- Jamal & Haak Filmore "No, No, No"
4- Canibus "Anagram Phoenix"
5- Rasheed Chappell "The Kingsmen" (feat. Recognize Ali, Hus Kingpin, Napoleon da Legend & Lil Fame)
6- Ghost of the Machine & DJ Proof "Esco Said" (feat. Skyzoo)
7- Swamp Thing & Ghettosocks "Aliens in Flying Saucers"
8- Nine & Snowgoons "Pull Up"
9- Élan Brio "Ghetto Blaster"
10- Rasheed Chappell "101"
11- SmooVth & Giallo Point "Unexpected Come Ups" (feat. Estee Nack)
12- Élan Brio "To Deff"
13- Buffalo Joe "Good Dope"
14- Ghostface Killah "Saigon Velour" (feat. Snoop Dogg, E-40 & LA The Darkman)
15- Dre Specz "These Days" (feat. Rock Reign)
16- JZAC "Questions"
17- Jizzm High Definition & Soul King "Im Blessed"18- D.V. Alias Khryst "New Day"
19- DJ Enyoutee Presents: Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha "Sacred Math"
20- Jroz, Destruct, Rawz & Nykwill Serpico "Why Must I" (feat. 2Mex)
21- A-Plus & Knobody "Grow"
22- Q-Unique "I Seen"
23- Buffalo Joe "Stuck From the Jump"
24- The Regulars (Otayo Dubb x Tahaj The First) "Glory Days" (feat. Z-Man)
25- SmooVth & Giallo Point "Enforcers" (feat. Rome Streetz & Crimeapple)
26- Buffalo Joe "Bag Chasing" (feat. Tragedy Khadafi)
27- Valentine "Can't Step 2 Dis" [Remix] (feat. Skanks the Rap Martyr & Shatike of Bankai Fam)
28- Valentine "The Arrival"
29- Jroz, Destruct, Rawz & Nykwill Serpico "Trail Blazin’" [Remix]
30- DJ Enyoutee Presents: Alpha Faktion "Creative Control" [Venom "Re-Program Mix"]
31- DJ Enyoutee Presents: UG, Skanks the Rap Martyr, King Author, Nowaah The Flood, DJ Tekwun, The Bad Seed & Zagnif Nori "Strength In Numbers"