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1 Hour Of ILL Collabs (youtube.com)
1. ILL ft. J. Camp - Intro (prod.by: Dj Shok)
2. Raiza Rapz x ILL - Full Aim (prod.by: Full Aim)
3. El Vee x ILL x Eidolon - Bad Company (prod.by: Full Aim)
4. Sean Strange x Madecipha x ILL - Book Of Death
(prod.by: C-Lance / cuts by: Dj Mo Niklz)
5. Doc Jones x White Cheddar x ILL - Don't Cross
(prod.by: Full Aim)
6. Diabolic x Anonymous x ILL - Clear The Air
(prod/cuts by: Dj Kwestion Of Jedi Mind Tricks)
7. ILL x Benny Ghost - Party Song (prod.by: Baddtaste)
8. 5:am x Madecipha x ILL - Pimp Slap (prod.by: Live Evil)
9. Kinetik x 3sk x ILL - Weapon Of Choice (prod.by: Dj Slipwax)
10. Benny Ghost x ILL - Reload (prod.by: PBX Beats)
11. ILL x Madecipha x Rypa The Transparent Excorcist - Crazy
(prod.by: Cymatics)
12. Anthropophagus x Madecipha x ILL ft. Kid Jeff -
What's Yesterday (prod.by: Anthropophagus)
13. Raiza Rapz x ILL ft. Shorty Of Full Aim - Like That
(prod.by: Full Aim)
14. ILL x Skarr Vega - Devilish Ways (prod.by: Dj Shok)
15. Raiza Rapz x ILL - Show Em' How (prod.by: Full Aim)
16. ILL x Benny Ghost - Love Song (prod.by: PBX Beats)
17. ILL x Raiza Rapz x 5:am - Line Em' Up
(prod.by: Dizz Dinero R.I.P)
18. 5:am x ILL x Raiza Rapz - Ghostwriters (prod.by: ILL)
19. Diabolic x ILL x James Joyce - 3 :16
(prod.by: Full Aim / cuts by: Dj Dent One)
20. 5:am x Kryptik x Raiza Rapz x ILL - Non Stop
(prod.by: Migs Produktion)
21. ILL x Apollo ft. Julissa - Not All Good Things Last

*Random Selection Of Songs I've Been Featured On That Survived
After A Recent Computer Crash*