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beatsbytcor - NJ *Vinyl "Mix" (soundcloud.com)

Here's some somewhat rare or at least slept on Jersey
joints i've compiled from my personal collection.. I was trying to show
the range of artists from their locations to their styles etc. (can't
have Young Zee without a YZ, right?)I got many more in the stash and may
do another one but for now, enjoy this shit.. PeacePlaylist:
Young Zee - Milk
B Wiz - Who's That
Blaque Spurm - The Cycle
Mr Low Kash N Da Shady Bunch - Who You With (Prod. Dirtman)
Myndcrukz - Remember tha name
Shabam Sahdeeq Ft. Shadows in the Dark - It Could Happen
Technical - Stress
D - Roc , Naughty Axe & Lumberjack - Loose Talk in the lab (Prod. DJ Born)
Born Predators - Hustlers Hall (Prod. By DJ Skillz)
Original - Hey Mr MC (Dark City Mix)
IIND Klass - No Question
Wise Intelligent - Freestyle 95'
Unique - Pure Dynamite
Almighty & KD Ranks - Lyrics In a this
Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket - Livin in the bottle
Massive Staff - Suspect
Slim Rockwell - Everyday