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Noiseman - Bring The Noise | Big Noise Radio (
Bring The Noise, classic hip hop tracks from the vaults of Noiseman, Confidence and Sensei Walingh. Sound the alarm, golden era hip hop instrumentals served up fresh. We're dropping that flavor in your ear! This album features vintage hip-hop beats by Noiseman from the Bay Area, Sensei Walingh from Amsterdam and Confidence from Boston. The music production was crafted between 1994 and 2010, showing the foundation of work put in by these various producers hailing from USA and Europe. Some of these are unreleased beats that never made it to final projects. Emcees and deejays, these are for you!

Most of the beats were produced on an Akai S1100, MPC 1000, or MPC 2000XL. These divers styles in hip hop music showcase the boom bap influence and use of vinyl records. Refining his style in the early 90’s, incorporating abstract sounds in his tracks, Noiseman earned his tag by musically adding noise to his production. Stay tuned for “Downtown Sound” v01, next in the series of beat albums.

Production and mixing by Noiseman, Confidence and Sensei Walingh. Mastered by Noiseman, Fremont, CA | November 2019. Artwork by Noiseman for Big Noise Entertainment.

Big Noise, upholding the B-Boy mentality, preserving the golden era of rap music. Taste makers international, Hip Hop Universal United.


released November 19, 2019