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Plague Plenty - Book of the Moth (
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Psychopathy (Lp) & Our Chimera Dreamscape (Lp) 

Album: Book of the Moth (2006-2019) 

Artist: Plague Magician, Vendetta Kingz, Genesiz, Seven Spherez, Daymarez, Crimey Elliot Niezel, Eskr- One, Dan F, Gory Gary, Ajax, Kairo Myth 

Producers: PingWIN (White Noise), Nappi Music (Death Card) 
Unknown (Beast Within 2006) Plague Magician (All Other Production) 

Album Art: PM 
Album Advice: Crimey 
Mastered @ Akashic Records (Song 12 White Noise: Russian Studio) 

Soundcloud: Plague Plenty Beats 
Instagram: (Follow) Plague Magician 
Youtube: (Music Videos, Full Albums) Plague Plenty 
© 2019 

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released July 4, 2019