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Little Stranger - Styles & Dynamics (
"Styles & Dynamics" 

Produced - Little Stranger 
Mixed - Mark Needham [1969, Sing it High]; 
Ken “GL” Lanyon [Won’t Amount to Nothin, 
Bringin Me Back, Agustina]; Matt Zutell ["Every Woman”] 
Mastered - Ken “GL” Lanyon; Leon Zervos [1969, Sing it High] 
Engineered - Matt Zutell, Omar Colon, John Shields 
Photos by Paul ChelmisDesign by Karl & Denny 

Featured musicians: 
Ross Bogan - Keys 
Brian Gearty - Bass 
Aggie Flores - Vocals, Guitar 
“Papa” John Shields - Opening sampleJessie Wagner - Vocals 
Steven Salcedo - Saxophone 
Steve Jankowski - Trumpet 

The Shields Clans, Damn Skippy, SP the MC, DJ Flip, Chloe Shields, Caleb Coker, Magdalyn Duffie, Alex Couch, Ben Fagan, Dish Nelson, Jacqui Haenn, Coast Records, Human Resources, Marc Swersky, Fairweather Studios, Allegro Charter School of Music, Yous Guys Sandwich Shop, North Central (RIP), knockoff Pedialyte & Sweet & Spicy Chili Doritos.


released October 26, 2018