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Relentless Exquisite & Ace Yo Maverick Sugar Deluxe - Seriosha | Gold On The Mixer (

6th of June 2017: 

Relentless Exquisite and Ace Yo Maverick Sugar Deluxe step off a plane from Madrid. 

Greeted and shielded by Cuban government officials, they climb into unmarked black Buicks. They are driven directly to Hotel Nacional De Cuba. 

With diplomatic immunity, they are tasked with negotiating the lifting of the embargo (known in Cuba as el bloqueo, "The Blockade"), by any means necessary. 

Turning down the offer of the presidential suite, once reserved for the likes of Meyer Lansky and Charles "Lucky" Luciano, the pair are taken to a safe house in Vedado, in order to conduct their business with the utmost discretion. They are left to their work. 

Two weeks and numerous clandestine meetings later... 

Legend has it, Relentless and Ace were successful in having the sanctions on Cuba lifted... although, it was agreed that this would not be disclosed publicly for a further two years, so that the American regime can save face. 

This historical event will forever be known as "The Seriosha Files", due to the rumoured secret meetings, undertaken in the basement of a record shop on Neptuno, and the subsequent leaking of recordings. 

Exactly one year on, the story continues...


released June 6, 2018 

Bars by Relentless Exquisite & Ace Yo Maverick Sugar Deluxe 
Beats by Relentless Exquisite 
Recorded in an undisclosed location in Havana, Cuba 
Recording & Mixing n that by Relentless Exquisite 
Business Advice by Intricate Diligence