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Arbajo Jairus, Meister Lampe - Players And Gambling Lovers (
Debut Album of the young swiss-philippino rapper Arbajo Jairus. Heavily influenced by the golden era, Arbajo spits his bars on beats produced by Meister Lampe. 
The two of them recently released DIVER (with singer Creamy White and under Lampe's alias A Lad In Lava), a more RnB-ish approach to Hip Hop music. 

Players and Gambling Lovers celebrates classic rap and sample beats. 

Thanks to GGG Kulturkick for the support!


released October 21, 2017 

Rap/Lyrics: Arbajo Jairus 
Beats: Meister Lampe 
Mix & Master: Alain Meyer 
Cover Design: Amigo Business 
Cover Foto: Funky Notes aka Luki Schmidiger