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Scatterboxx - Bad Fetish EP (
Featuring additional remixes by Mint Pillow & Gold Must Die, alongside the original's instrumental. 

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released September 22, 2017 

"Bad Fetish" & "Bad Fetish (Instrumental)" composed, written, recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Scatterboxx. 

"Bad Fetish (Mint Pillow Remix)" composed & remixed by Derek Hixon (aka Mint Pillow). 

"Bad Fetish (Gold Must Die Remix)" composed & remixed by Gold Must Die. 

Music video directed, filmed, produced, & edited by Kyle Matthew of UpStanding Films. 

Additional music video conceptualization by Liz Anaya Sheils. 

EP artwork by Scatterboxx. 

"Bad Fetish (Mint Pillow Remix)" artwork by Derek Hixon (aka Mint Pillow).