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Tristan de Liège - Everything We Are (Instrumental) (PreOrder) (
The depth, the beauty, the soul.

These and many more similar adjectives could be used to name this true
masterpiece that “Everything We Are” truly is. Tristan de Liège – an
extremely talented artist from Los Angeles – rejects widely known
techniques to present album full of passion. An album that escapes any
division of genres.

Subtle beauty is waiting for us from the very first track. A wonderful
sound of cello introduces us to the delicate state of hypnosis. Organic
percussion trigger natural energies. Successive layers of instruments
fill the space while being a beacon to the rest of the album at the same
time. In subsequent works, sublime musical poetry flows with whole
torrents. Wonderful moments, in which guitars combine with string
instruments with unimaginable grace. Where warm bass warms the body, and
the vocals sooth thoughts. Where percussive instruments add rhythm to
the imagination. Conjury, in which we are infinitely immersed with every
and each second.

This is what “Everything We Are” is. A real magic for listeners who
appreciate individuality and exquisite taste. An album that one can
listen to several times and rediscover new depth and soul every time. A
child born of true passion and love.


releases February 22, 2017